What We Do

We will help to identify areas where a business can exploit the marketplace using Internet Marketing in conjunction with Traditional Media creating greater efficiencies in marketing budgets and resulting sales increases.

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Our Philosophy

We can help clients evolve their marketing efforts to fit the current environment utilizing new technology, existing technology and traditional media outlets to maximize budgets.

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The Results

Satisfied customers are the life-blood to every business and they are even more important today as the number of choices for products and services is increasing exponentially.

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The Company-History of The Advertising Agency & GH Levin Marketing

LR Focus Media was founded in October of 2008 as the brainchild of the principals of two advertising agencies known as GH Levin Marketing and The Advertising Agency…one focused on traditional advertising agency services and one focused on the New Media/Social Media/internet scene. Hence, LR Focus Media was born. The idea sprang forth from the desire for both agencies to offer businesses a viable option for evolving their marketing strategy from the sole reliance on Traditional Media (TV, Radio, Newspaper, etc) to the inclusion of the role technology and the internet are playing through the New Media & Social Media (website, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc).

LR Focus Media knows that most companies have a broad understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of Traditional Media, but a very narrow understanding of the New Media and the Social Media options. We also know that most companies have a complete lack of understanding of how the New Media should be integrated into a companies’ marketing strategy moving forward. LR Focus Media combines all the necessary skill-sets to help your company make the transition.

Co-Founding Partner Peter Rothfuss believes, “Businesses are disillusioned with Traditional Media results and are frustrated that their websites are not doing more to drive sales in a measurable and accountable way. We’ve found that most websites were designed 4-6 years ago and were designed to look nice with some functionality…an online brochure. We’ve found that many of these websites are virtually invisible to the search engines. With so many searches going on today, that is simply unacceptable.”

92% of internet users use search engines* and companies inherently recognize the need to shift their marketing efforts to incorporate an online web presence. With the advancements in technology changing rapidly, companies often find it hard to stay ahead of the trends. LR Focus Media understands the relationship between Traditional and New Media and offers services that help businesses bring their marketing efforts into focus.